Friday, March 20, 2009

My Daughter, My Friend.....

Mackenzie, My Daughter, My Friend.-Truly she is. There is something to be said about a mother/daughter relationship. There is an understanding between us, that can only occur with a mother and a daughter. She can read me better than any of my sons. About 3 weeks back, I was going through a very difficult time. Mackenzie loves to draw and write books, and many times this is how she communicates her feelings to me. She wrote a book for me etitled "Princess Kelly". The front page started with a hand sketched photo of Princess Kelly with very angry eyes, and I kid you not wearing devils horns. How ironic, since I often saw myself as the devil himself when I would spend my day disciplining my children out of anger and rage. The story went on to say how Princess Kelly was not happy and how something was very wrong. She couldn't have been more right. My life was absolutely FALLING apart. I was headed nowhere fast. Then, I decided to take a weekend a way to get on my face before the Lord to seek his will for my life. At that point, my life took a radical change. After confessing my sins before the Lord, trying to make my heart right, so I could receive from him what he would have to tell me about his direction for my life, things began to fall into place. I finally had a peace about me. You know that kind of peace that surpasses all understanding? I came home and the atmosphere had changed in my home. Things were different. I could feel the presence of the holy spirit once again present in our home. After a week of that incredible peace, Mackenzie decided to write me a poem:

These are flowers for my mommy. I would write you a little something.
K is for kind and a loving heart
E is for excited with joy
L is for loving and passion
L is for laughter and care
Y is for wait a minute, you are so pretty that's for Y.
I love you. It's like me finding crystals in a cave, wait more than that!!

Your daughter,
I can't tell you what that meant to me. The evidence of God's MERCY and GRACE is clearly evident here through the gift of my precious daughter. When we think our children aren't watching, just be reminded they are watching EVERYTHING we say and DO.

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