Sunday, March 22, 2009

He Shoots, He Scores!!!!!!

Caleb was out "shootin' hoops" last week, and I was able to get some really GREAT shots!
Look as he watches in anticipation to see if he's going to make it or not...

In it goes! Even the ball is smiling!!!

Sweer victory!!!-Gotta love the hands raised in victory..... I know that Caleb already has a passion for sports. He is so good at whatever he tries.-Much like his older brother. I think they will be good competition for each other as Caleb gets older. It's so great to see how he really tries to keep up with Mark when he is out shootin' hoops. He tries to mimick a lot of his moves.-It's just too cute!! It'll be exciting to see what he does with his God-given talents.....

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