Friday, March 6, 2009

Goin' Back In Time.... A Glimpse Of Some Of My All Time Favorite Photos!

This picture was taken when the boys were 6 mos. old. Not so much that it is a "great shot", but special, because it is the first one I have of them ALL smiling!!!
I got this idea out of my Triplet Magazine. They were about 4 mos. old.

One of my absolute FAVORITES of Caleb. His eyes are incredible here. He was 3 mos.

Sweet Baby Corey at 3mos. He was not very photogenic and so many shots I had of him as an infant, he had his tongue hanging out!!!! This one is so sweet of him though. I love the arms in this one!!

My Connor Boy at 7 mos. I think he looks so handsome and business-like here!

Connor at 6 weeks. Probably thinking, "Mommy whatever are you doing to me?"

Mark at the Falls. 8 Years old.

Miss Mackenzie. Summer of 2006.

Caleb at 6 weeks. He did much better with the neck control. I tried to get a shot of Corey like this, but it never worked out.

My Mackenzie on her 4 year old photo shoot at the Falls.

Mark at his annual Fall's shot. 9 years old. He looks so grown up here!!!!

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