Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere!!!!

Do you think this face is saying, "Yeah, Spring is here, and I am soooo HAPPY?????" These were taken 2 years ago. Caleb was luvin' life and the fact that we could get outside of the 4 walls that had us cooped up all Winter. I chose this post today because like all of you, I can't wait for SPRING to arrive!
Silly Silly Boy.....

The boys had just got a new bubble machine for their Birthday. They thought it was the COOLEST thing ever! Notice Connor bending down trying to figure out where all the bubbles are coming from?

Corey had fun catching and popping the bubbles....

Connor did too, but you can see he is a little more intense, just trying to figure out how this machine is creating all of this "magic"...."There's a bubble right there, maybe I'll try to touch it!"

Corey getting ready to do the bubble dance! Oh happy day, Spring has arrived!!!

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