Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Dishwasher Broke, So I Had To Get A New One....

My dishwasher broke a couple of weeks ago, so I figured with all of these kids, certainly I could get SOMEBODY to help me with the neverending dishes duty!!! -Just kidding it didn't really break, and if it did, I highly doubt Corey would be the one volunteering for the job. For the most part he is not very motivated. In general, if I want something done, I know I can always count on Mackenzie or Connor. This day however, Corey decided he wanted to help mom in the kitchen and since he is generally lazy, I mean unmotivated, I thought who am I to spoil his fun!!!
He had quite a stack of dishes goin' there, and no, they weren't rinsed after they were washed, but that's o.k......

I love the action of the water pouring here. He loved it too; so much so that I had to MOP the floor when he was done!!!

Cute little hands with tiny little bubbles.....


  1. TJ broke our dishwasher two weeks ago. Can Corey come help at our house? :) TORI

  2. I'm sure he would LOVE that!!!!!I hope you're prepared for the clean-up though!!!!