Friday, April 10, 2009

MMMMM,MMMMM Good........

The reason for all of the "old" Pics. is because I am still waiting on Mark to receive the cord we need to transfer the current pics. from the camera to the computer. Our other one got lost. So, I thought I'd spend a couple of weeks going back in time. Many of you didn't get to see photos of the kiddos when they were young, so I thought you might enjoy it anyway. One hot Summer Day, I decided to give the boys a taste of the "Good Ole' Summer Time"! They weren't really sure what to do at first, than they quickly got the hang of it and totally LOVED it!!!
Corey just starting out......

Caleb being the silly boy he is, thought it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen.....

Connors thinking," Oh yeah baby more food!!!"

Then Caleb had to take a little break for some of his every day teasing...Doesn't seem to phase Connor a bit. He is totally zoned in on that watermelon!!!

"Hey Corey, what are you doin' down there?"

I tried to get one of those cute baby feet shots....Not my best for sure, but still cute.

This is Caleb of course....He truly cracks me up!!!!

Corey is totally savoring this bite....Notice the drip on his chin?!?!?!?!? I am looking back on all of these old photos, and it kind of makes me miss my little boys at this age. I feel like that time was so long ago. As crazy as it was in those days, I do have some sweet memories that will remained tucked in my heart forever!!

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