Monday, June 22, 2009

Workin' At The Car Wash....

A good friend of ours once said, "How do you spell love?" The answer: T.I.M.E. That quote has stuck with me, and I couldn't agree anymore. Last week Mark and three of the kids decided to "love-up" on me by washing my van.- I mean THE van. Of course it's not really mine, I just drive it most of the time.L.O.L. Anyway, it really meant a lot, because usually when I run it through the car wash, I'm still left with a huge amount of bug residue in the front. Mark got all of the little critters off, and the kids scrubbed until everything looked shiny!!!!

Mackenzie going for some fresh water and more bubbles....

I think Corey has more bubbles on his arms, than on the sponge!!!

A quirky and a cheese pot grin....but still makin' mommy's van look shiny and clean!!!

At the end Connor was really getting into it, so much so, that off went the shirt!! He was down to some serious car washin'. -I love how he's standing on his tip-toes!!! The kids are lookin' for some things to do to keep them busy this Summer, so let them know if your ready to get "loved-up" on!!!!

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