Thursday, June 25, 2009

Powder Valley Nature Center

Today I took Mackenzie, Corey, Connor (not pictured here) and Katerin to the Powder Valley Nature Center. I Love to go visit here, so we do so often. It's really neat to see this park during the different Seasons. Caleb had school this morning, so we got an early start, before it became to hot. We only hiked on one trail today. - I would have liked to have done more, but Connor wasn't cooperating.-(Always has to be one....). We then went inside to explore some of the fun things indoors. We got to see the busy bees making their honey, huge fish and snapping turtles, beautiful blue jays, and deer. It was a fun adventure that we won't soon forget!!!
This is a photo I captured of a spider web. I think it really turned out pretty cool. It resembles a C.D. or a DVD!!!!

Mackenzie had to bring Brandon along for the adventure. I think Corey looks cute admiring his big sis....

Here is a shot of Connor before he got crabby.....

Corey is looking so TALL!!!!!!!

This was one of my favorites I took of Katerin today...

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