Thursday, February 26, 2009


Mackenzie has the BEST kissy lips!!!!

Mark amazes me. There is NOTHING this kid can't do. He's very athletic like his dad.

Corey LOVED sledding this year!!!

Snow Princess

That's one BIG snowball Corey!! (I think he was getting ready to attack big brother!)

Caleb enjoyed eating the snow. Only once did I see him with yellow snow. JUST KIDDING!!!

My three Amigos. It's hard getting shots of all of them together. Usually they are in all different places when we are outside.

Caleb's first snowball he made all by HIMSELF!! He was so proud of himself. The snow was very packable this year!

I caught Connor licking the snow off the car window!! Well at least I knew it wasn't yellow!!

Now that the boys are getting older, they are really starting to enjoy the snow. Mark and Mackenzie would stay out a large part of the day sledding with all of the neighbor children. The triplets were out one time a day. Just getting them dressed in layers was a chore. By the time I would get the last one dressed and out the door, the first one would be ready to come in!!! Anyway it was a good day and memories were made. Now, I'm ready for Spring!

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