Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mark my first born son...

This was my Favorite shot of him in the snow. He doesn't allow me to photograph him very much anymore, so I'm grateful when he gives me the opportunity!

I thought this shot was really cool. I caught him throwing a snowball. It looks like he's holding it on the tip of his fingers!!
Mark is real good about teaching the boys "BOY" stuff. Here he is attempting to teach Connor how to snowboard.


  1. He is looking so old! You are doing a great job with your photos, I need to get on that site more. And take more pictures. The header looks great! See, blogging is not so hard is it? ;-)

  2. Thanks Shannon for all of your help getting me set up on the blog. I have really been having fun!! Yes, I have to agree with you, Mark is looking very grown up!!!