Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Powder Valley Nature Center January 2009

We were blessed with such a beautiful day in late January. If I remember correctly, I think it reached 70 degrees. Everyone had cabin fever, so we spent the day at Powder Valley Nature Center. It was really fun and being as everyone in our family loves to hike on trails, this was the perfect choice to spend our day. I of course was not thinking about the trails being wet from all of the melting snow. Our day turned into quite an adventure.....

Mark Jr.

Mackenzie Grace

Corey James

I love this photo of Connor. Every now and then his silly side emerges!!

Caleb Michael

Notice how a nice walk with daddy quickly turns into a disaster? The sunshine was melting all the snow, which made for slippery paths. Everyone but mom and Markie fell.(Yes even dad fell!) Corey is smart, he is holding on to dad for leverage. Connor, not so lucky here was his famous spill. Markie is coming back to help little brother while Caleb is heading straight out of the photo, and then SPLAT down goes Caleb and we have....

PANTS WET!! Notice in the photo how wet his bottom got from the fall. This is absolutely 100% frustrating for Caleb.... SOOOOOOO...

PANTS DOWN!!! Caleb has sensory issues and does not do well with anything wet touching his skin. He tried desperately to get the wetness away from his body! And finally......

PANTS ARE OFFICIALLY OFF!! People looked at me like I was crazy, but if you truly know Caleb A.K.A. No pants boy, you would know that (1) He can't stand anything on him being wet and (2) There is no arguing with this boy, he is absolutely set on getting his own way. I have decided to pick my battles with this one!

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