Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE Aunt!!!!

This photo was taken of me and Aunt Sherry when I was just 5 years old. I was so excited to come across this at my parents house this past weekend!! - What perfect timing since Aunt Sherry's Birthday is today! I wanted to dedicate a post especially to her, because she has been such a positive influence on me. This lady is a prime example of what it means to self-sacrifice. She has truly given of herself to others time and time again. She never seemed to mind it either, or if she did, you would never have known. She has raised her 3 children and has helped raise her 2 grandsons. She is a woman that will always find the best in a person, and rarely do you hear her say anything negative about someone. She is a woman with great patience, and a gentle touch. She has a pure heart and kind eyes. She has always had a way to make me feel special. I have loved her in a way I have never loved any other Aunt. The bond we share is unexplainable, but I am so forever grateful that I have her in my life!!!!

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