Monday, November 2, 2009

Kindergarten Readiness...



Ever since the boys were about 2 years old, I have heard two repeated questions about school. (1) Will you start the boys at school when they are 5 or 6? (2) Will they be in the same class, or will you seperate them? So for quite some time, I have put the questions off, knowing that there was plenty of time to decide this. Now, they are 4 1/2 and I am faced with this question once again. Kindergarten year is quickly approaching. I have known for quite some time that Caleb would not be ready for Kindergarten at 5. He is currently in a smaller class size than Corey and Connor as well as in speech classes every week. Although I have seen progress this year, such as he can currently write his name with verbal prompts and he can actually sit and complete "homework". However, he seems to lag behind the other two boys overall...After sitting in Caleb's I.E.P. meeting, my concerns were confirmed, and although they recommended me to test him for Kindergarten in the Spring, just to see what they say, after having Parent/teacher conferences on the other two, I feel I've solidified my decision. Connor as I already knew could quite honestly go to Kindergarten now and be successful. He has been writing his first name since the Fall of last year. He just recently learned to write Yochum. This little boy LOVES to learn. His coloring is incredible which is fairly unusual for a boy. Corey on the other hand goes to school for the social aspect. He "romances" the little girls on the playground with fresh picked flowers. He has the ability to write his name but quite honestly doesn't like to take the time to do it. He would rather be playing with his friends than sitting in a chair learning. I will say that he was the first to recite and recognize his ABC's and when it comes to learning new songs, he is always the first to catch on. His teacher said he would do fine in Kindergarten at 5, but would absolutely soar at 6. After having that meeting, I knew that doing another year of Pre-K would be the best decision for my boys. Miss Beverly assured me that I need not worry about Connor having behavioral issues because of boredom because he is a child that does not like attention drawn to him and loves to please his teachers....he is his mother's son..As for whether they will be together or seperate, at this time I plan to keep them all together unless it begins to present problems...I figure once the homework load starts getting heavy, I won't have the energy to keep up with three different sets!!!! I have to admit I feel confidant and full of much relief that this question is no longer a "question." I know that I will be getting my boys started off on the right foot and I look forward to what the future holds for each of them....

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