Friday, October 23, 2009

Everyday Life....

Corey-gotta love the milk splatters on his face!!!
Caleb was crackin' himself up!!!!

Connor was trying to figure out where all of Caleb's bubbles went?!?!?

For some reason Connors Cinnamon Toast Crunch didn't bubble up!! That didn't discourage him from trying though!!

Corey on the other hand had a bubble overload!!!

Caleb kept right up there with Corey....We've decided to make the BEST bubbles, you need to have Frosted Mini Wheats!!!
I'm not quite sure what happened to the poor blog, but I've abandoned it since August...Not that I've been busy or anything(l.o.l.) but I do want to try to update at least once a week...The boys have all been doing well in school but not quite sure we'll be heading off to Kindergarten next Fall.-More update on that in the next post to come soon...I have started watching a precious little baby girl named Kendall Mon. thru Fri. All of the kids are totally smitten with her!!!-She definantly is not lacking love at the Yochum Household..Kind of nice for me to be able to have a baby around that I can actually ENJOY, plus not have to be responsible for financially; I kind of get a taste of what being a "grandma" may be like someday!!! She is a VERY good baby and I am really having fun with her...Markie finally got his haircut which is a HUGE deal considering we have not seen his ears or back of his neck for nearly 18 mos!!!! I'll post a picture of him in the next post too. The princess is in the process of growing her hair out for Locks Of Love in rememberance of her Aunt TiTi who passed away from breast cancer 2 years ago...I'm hoping that it will be long enough by Christmas so she'll be able to give some special little girl an extra special Christmas present....The boys and I have been also involved with AWANA's Wed. evenings at church...I listen to the 1st and 3rd graders as they recite bible verses and the boys go to their class and have A LOT of fun playing with their friends at church as well as reciting their weekly verse.-I have been so impressed with their ability to memorize scriptures; they have been soaking it up like little sponges!!! I'm so excited that at just 41/2 they are hiding God's word in their hearts!!! I decided to post the series of cereal bubble-blowing pictures, because I thought it would be fun to see the games the boys play at night when they have their bedtime snack!!!! Hope all has been well with everyone and I look forward to once again giving you a small glimpse into our "crazy" little world...


  1. Been wondering if you were ever going to blog again! Good to see you back! ;-)

  2. I know, I've been so bad about keeping it updated...I have no excuse though, your juggling five kiddos and homeschooling, so I have NO excuse!!!Thanks for visiting!!!