Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Caleb's Rash...

Poor Caleb has had such a rough time recovering from his tonsil and adnoid removal surgery. On May 7th he had the procedure and exactly 8 days later, he broke out in this awful rash. So ironic, because when Mark had the same surgery in 2nd Grade, exactly 8 days later he broke out in a rash!!!! They do not tell you that after this surgery to be watching for a rash, but so weird how both of my boys developed one. Mark's was slightly different though, covering nearly his whole body, also accompanied by fever and irritability. We think now that he may have had a case of Roseola. Caleb's rash is due to a reaction to the meds and thankfully has not spread anymore over the last couple days. I do have to limit his time outside though, because it makes him very itchy. I am hoping that he will recover quickly, because we are leaving for a short trip on June 2nd to Holiday World. Yep, we're going to see the big guy!!! If you want us to put in a good word for you and tell Santa that you have been very GOOD this year, just drop us a line!!!!

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