Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Branson Day 1

We spent Thanksgiving in Branson this year....Instead of having a nice Turkey Dinner, we enjoyed Subway Sandwhiches L.O.L.!!!!!!! Mark and I decided to take the kids to Branson for a short trip...We were able to get into the Holiday Spirit by enjoying the ever famous Sheperd of the Hills Christmas Light Display..For our family of seven it was $47.00 to see these lights.-Not something we'd pay every year to see, but it was a nice 2 1/2 mile ride of a Christmas Fantasy World that helped get us all in the Holiday Spirit...
Much of the experience were these adorable Christmas displays behind plastic plexi glass....It reminded me of the windows decorated downtown at Famous Barr that my mom would take me to see when I was little, only a whole lot bigger!!!!

Each scene held a lot of detail...

Then there was a cute little coke-cola cart...Who doesn't enjoy themselves a good old ice cold coke-cola????

They had several of their buildings adorned in lights too. When we were done with the drive, we got to go up the Scenic Tower to see the lights...pretty neat experience!!!

Upon arrival at the hotel, the kids were pumped and ready for swimming...Notice Caleb's red cheeks from the hot tub???

They started the first day in their swim rings, but by day two, they were mostly "swimming" without them...I think I'm going to have some swimmers by the Summer...They all LOVE the water and Connor is doing so well trying to learn how to swim under water...Maybe he'll be on the swim team come Summer!!!

Corey lookin' all cute!!! He usually takes a little longer to feel comfortable in the water, but once he builds up his confidance there is no stoppin' him!!!

Had to get a shot of dad with just Mark and Mackenzie...They both look so grown-up here!!!!!

I thought this turned out cute...I know I know were missin' a kiddo; that would be my stubborn, I mean strong-willed child Corey who refused to get in the picture...Always got to have one in the bunch!!! This picture turned out pretty darn cute though, so I wanted to post it!!! I plan to add more Branson photos within the next few days, so check back soon!!!!

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