Monday, July 20, 2009

While Mom's Away, Sis Will Play...

Last week I had a much needed girl's night out. A dear friend and I went to see a movie followed by a Kid-Free dinner at Applebees. So VERY nice and relaxing....We then decided to walk to work off the "tub" of popcorn we ate. I arrived back home a little after 10p.m., certain that the darlings would all be asleep.-I told Denise to wait outside just in case I needed a get away car if they weren't.(L.O.L.) This is what I came home to. Caleb standing in the hallway all "dolled-up." Yes, sissy had been playing dress-up. Caleb was so proud of his new attire!!

I didn't know until I was uploading the pictures that Corey got in on the fun too....I told daddy she really is in need of a little sister. Shannon, maybe we can do a "kid-swap" one day. Mackenzie for Sawyer!!!!!L.O.L.

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