Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Trip To The "Denist"...

Last week the boys made their first trip to the "denist", at least that is how Corey pronounces it!! I brought grandma along for back-up, not really certain how the experience was going to go. Typically Corey will cry for grandma when he is hurt or scared, and he was showing the most resistance to going, so grandma agreed to come along. I scheduled Corey and Connor on one day, and Caleb on another.-I didn't want to overdue it for them, or the poor dentist. Connor, being the brave boy that he is, went first. He was a little apprehensive when he first went to sit in the chair, and we quickly found out that he was NOT going to lay back. The lady that did their cleanings was FANTASTIC with them. Incredibly patient and worked around any "issue" that arose. Connor did really good, he loved wearing the "sunshine glasses" and had a sparkly white smile when we left. None of the boys had any cavities which was a huge relief for mom!!!!
Let's see those pearly whites Connor!!!!

Theresa tried to get x-rays. Connor was very cooperative until she told him the camera would rotate around his head, than he panicked. She said, "Not a big deal, we can get x-rays next time." He was relieved and excited to hit the treasure box!!!

Countin' Corey's teeth while wearing the cool shades!!! He actually did really well.-No crying or anything. I think it helped that he got to watch Connor first and that he knew grandma was right by his side.....

Corey getting his teeth brushed.-Makin' sure mom got the back ones really good!!!

Caleb went a week later and got to wear the yellow shades!!! He was so brave and couldn't wait to get his new toothbrush like his brothers!!!! His pick from the treasure box "pirate earrings".....

You're lookin' like a movie-star!!!!!!! Overall, the trip was uneventful. Another "first" that went over without a hitch....Yeah!!!!!

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