Saturday, January 9, 2010

Go Cart Racin'

Not sure what happened to "I'm going to try hard to post once a week..." Oh yeah, I think the Holidays happened!!!! I have really allowed my poor blog to slack once again, I definantly need to do a better job at keeping it updated in 2010....So, here we have go-cart pictures from our Nov. Branson trip...A very exciting time, especially for the triplets because they were finally tall enough to ride on their own go-cart!!! Here is a shot of Mark and Mackenzie making their way around the track. Mackenzie is not looking to happy here... after being passed by her brother for the third time, she decided to retaliate by sticking out her tongue!!-Wish I could have caught that one on camera!!! Mark loved the excitement of smokin' his little sister out on the track!!!!
Can you tell he is enjoying himself?!?!?!

Mackenzie remains focused and determined to pass him up, even if it's just for one time!!!!

Here is Caleb and Corey....Caleb was cracking me up; their first ride he ended up with the SLOWEST cart and he was determined to make that thing go faster!!! He'd stretch those little legs as far as he could and lay on the gas hoping to catch up with his brothers...The thing I love about this boy is he is very determined and never gives up.....he never did catch his brothers, but not once did it damper his spirits...

Here is a shot of all three of them...Connor is in the middle. Mr. quiet reserved boy is actually running his cart into the back of his brothers!!! -He'd then drive by with a little grin on his face-it was priceless...

Looking like they are making a train here....They had so much fun and we had just as much fun watching them!!!

Notice how Caleb has both feet ready to go???-and that smile, oh how I love his smile!!!

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